Value Creation Through Best Practices

Control Origins is dedicated to the delivery of high quality, value add technology solutions for transformation and optimization of compliance, IT applications and IT operations. Our teams leverage world class technology and best practice frameworks to implement business processes that closely align regulatory requirements, industry standards and business strategies.

Our solution focus areas include:
-  Regulatory and Internal Control Compliance
-  Technical and Business Architecture Compliance
-  IT Strategy for Applications, Operations and Governance 
-  Data Privacy and Information Security

Our solution model is driven by an analytical approach that is delivered through a multi-tenant, cloud hosted solution leveraging Microsoft technology (SharePoint, SQL Server, .Net etc.).

As the delivery of information systems technology is now, more than ever, accomplished through alliances, partners, suppliers and third-party service providers, the importance of standard business processes and controls increases significantly.  Furthermore, the business climate is becoming more complex or 'blurred' between internal and external service providers which demand the implementation of robust and continuously improving processes and controls. 

Bottom line: Control is now an critical part of business, however, most organizations can not identify the origin of their controls nor the best practices, business processes and regulatory requirements that support that control.   In addition, most organizations cannot identify where best practices and business processes intersect with the people aspects of their business, namely roles, skills and responsibilities.  These challenges form the basis of the business model for Control Origins LLC.