Mark Hazleton - Control Origins Co-Founder Mark Hazleton
Control Origins Co-Founder

Mark Hazleton has a passion for solution delivery which makes technology work for business. He prefers to focus on tangible benefits for the business by gathering business subject matter expertise. He avoids being sidetracked by sizzle that does not deliver and believes the goals and objectives of the business are the primary driver for a solution to be successful. His primary focus is the Microsoft stack both on premise and in the cloud.

I try not to be distracted by sizzle and focus on making technology work for the business.

Mark Hazleton has worked with both on-premise and cloud based providers including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. He has developed solutions for the enterprise as well as small business to consumer websites. Mark has used the Azure DevOps tools to implement Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) processes that includes gated deployments to production.

Mark Hazleton has worked in both small start-ups and large consulting organizations and always put client service first.

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Project Conflict Management

Conflict is inevitable in a team environment. Project teams bring together a variety of personalities and skills, each perceiving tasks and actions in different ways. This diversity is what gives the team depth and a broad range of skills required to successfully achieve the project objectives. Yet, this diversity will inevitably bring conflicts ranging from simple disagreements on task details to fundamental personality clashes.

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How to Automate Your Deployments with Azure DevOps

In software application lifecycle management (ALM), the deployment of new code to production can be a risky proposition. During a production deployment, the tightly controlled production environment are opened up and new code replaces the old code. Improper deployment of code can cause excessive downtime and loss of business. Many times, the production deployment is performed by a few trusted administers with limited knowledge of the development process. Instead, a system admin doing a copy-paste of files at three in the morning, what if you had a consistent, measurable, auditable, and repeatable way of deploying code consistently. This is where Azure DevOps release pipelines can replace manual repetitive process.