Scored Assessment Models

Comparing an organization's processes and controls to both regulatory requirements and best practice frameworks is a key component of developing a transformation or optimization strategy. The ability to assess the maturity of an organization from a process and control perspective is essential to developing that strategy.

Evaluating the current state of business processes, controls and organizational structures should begin with creation of a clear 'baseline' of the 'as is' environment. Once defined, the baseline is the key input to completing a 'gap analysis' that can be used to evaluate the benefits of transformation or optimization alternatives. Most organizations rely on internal or external consultants, after many hours of interviews, analysis and data entry, to build complex spreadsheets for the assessment process. The output is usually very 'subjective' and the scoring assessment model is not typically exposed nor easily understood.

Bottom line: Leveraging a robust library of scored assessment model content and working with the steering committee to tailor the scoring design according to business goals and objectives, the Control Origins team can rapidly assess the organization's current state and complete the initial gap analysis process. The assessment will be driven by best practices and business requirements that are relevant to your organization. The assessment scoring model should be exposed leaving minimal doubt that the assessment results are fair and unbiased.